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Tamaño del paquete 2550.00 cm * 5550.00 cm * 1050.00 cm Peso bruto del paquete 2000.000 kg Máquina de estiramiento de pa;
Información básica.
N º de Modelo.SBT-LWA1535
Peso1600 kilos
Área mínima de tracción1000*3500mm
Error de tensión máx.Más o menos 0,5 n
Área máxima de tracción1500*3500mm
Paquete de transporteCaja de madera
Marca comercialENTREGA
Código hs8442302900
Capacidad de producción50/año
Empaquetado y entrega
Tamaño del paquete 2550.00 cm * 5550.00 cm * 1050.00 cm Peso bruto del paquete 2000.000 kg
Descripción del Producto
Máquina de estiramiento de pantalla de tipo integral de precisión Rango de aplicación: Se usa ampliamente en redes de estiramiento de malla de alta precisión y alta tensión en los campos de la industria solar fotovoltaica, la industria de placas de circuito, la industria de pantallas táctiles de cristal líquido, la industria electrónica, la impresión y el teñido de textiles. , impresión de vidrio, etc. Incluye: malla elástica de alta resistencia de cualquier pantalla elástica recta, incluida malla de poliéster, nailon y acero inoxidable. Parámetro de la maquinaria:

Parámetros principales
Principales parámetros técnicos.1500*3500mm
Tamaño externo2500*5500*1000 mm (largo x alto)
Área máxima de tracción1500*3500MM
Área mínima de tracción1000*3500MM
Error de tensión máx.±0,5N
Modo de accionamiento del motorDeceleración de tornillo sin fin SUBI 1:50 *2P
Poder total5kW
Fuente de alimentación de trabajo3CA/380V/50Hz
Peso1600 kilos

Estructura del cuerpo
Chapa del cuerpoPlegado de placa fría de 1,5 mm.
Estructura del marco principalSoldadura por tubo de acero cuadrado 80*80, 4 piezas
Placa inferior del cilindro de red de tracciónProcesamiento de placa de acero de alta resistencia 12*160*5000MM*2P
Red de una piezaProcesamiento de aleación de aluminio 25*40*2800MM/12*40*2000MM/*2P25*40*5000MM/12*40*5000MM/*2P
Tira de sujeción de redPresión en forma de W
Cilindro de sujeción de redCilindro de doble eje SNS100*40*55
Cilindro presurizadoCilindro giratorio SNS65*30*20
Cilindro de elevación superiorVertical SNS60*50

Sistema de control
Pantalla táctilPantalla TPC7 pulgadas *1P
Convertidor de frecuenciaMITSUBISHI FR-E700 *1P
CodificadorOMRON-500K *2P
interruptor de proximidadOMRON TL-05MC1/Z *4P
Válvula de solenoideSNS SYA230-8C *8P
Controlar equipos eléctricos.Aparatos eléctricos de contacto SCHNEDIDER AC
We can provide special size design and custom-made equipment.Product features:1, Equipped with PLC microcomputer control and intelligent memory control system, intelligent human-machine exchange interface, easy to operate, ensuring the stretch movement is accurate, stable and efficient.2, High-strength steel mixed material for body structure, automotive grade tapered drive components.3, the design uses the most scientific and reasonable integrated netting principle, the rotary lock cylinder automatic self-locking net device. The lock net is convenient and quick, the force is even, and the net is accurate. And through the 2.5-dimensional equipment precision detection to calculate the optimal force parallel distance between the cylinder pressure and the traction friction of the mesh! Really realize tension (0-60N) without sliding net, no gap, no dislocation deformation.4, X, Y column stretch net work in the full data display, accurate to micron (um) level, open intelligent choreography memory mode, to meet different types and different specifications of mesh stretch net, stretch net travel parameters can be arbitrary Take care of the memory, fine-tune the humanization and automation. Maximize the efficiency of the mesh! Maximizes the simplification of the stretcher operation.5. The "Bridge Bridge Law" to promote the most reasonable stretching concept. During the process of stretching the net, when the mesh is subjected to the force of the X and Y columns at the same time, the four right angles of the machine have the function of automatically buffering the balance force, so that the error between the force and the force can quickly reach the bridge-type mitigation supplement, and gradually reach The required tension. The maximum guarantee is that the mesh cloth is not easy to explode or break the net while being subjected to the ultimate tension.6. The whole machine is equipped with multiple operation protection devices. The circuit and air circuit are smart and reasonable in design, and the power is small. In line with the trend of low energy consumption. Different sizes are accepted for professional requirements in different industries.7. Equipped with a more user-friendly digital display of clips, with auxiliary accessories such as net pockets and foot switches, the mesh does not need to be cut, the initial placement of the mesh is more precise, saving manpower; when the required tension does not exceed 40N, the optional automatic silent air pressure system is available.8. Equipped with an automatic top network system. The lifting stroke distance, air source pressure, etc. can be adjusted arbitrarily. The top network is reasonable and easy to operate.Advantages of similar products:1. One-piece lock net, eliminating the manual single chuck, the pressure of the net is uneven, the uniformity and flatness of the netting cannot be unified, the gap between the chucks is generated, the ripples are generated, the uneven force is easy to explode, and so on. .2. Breaking the misunderstanding that the traditional pulling net needs to "stake the corner" and realize the vertical X-Y line vertical pulling of the net. At the same time, the waste of defective products caused by "cornering" is eliminated, and the net yarn is saved.3. The most accurate drawing mode. That is, stretching in the X/Y direction at the same time, and ensuring that the stretching speed and the force are consistent, thus ensuring the maximum uniformity of the mesh (reference value: ±0.5N). Maximize the use of mesh.4. Automated intelligent memory of the convenient pull network, solves the cumbersome manual lock network, pull the net and other unscientific processes. More than 100 sets of net data memory space, unprecedented in domestic history. It is more than 3 times faster than traditional manual or electric pull nets, which makes the netting more efficient and saves unnecessary manpower, financial and material resources. (Reference value: 3-5 minutes to complete the pull operation)5. Stable high-strength construction makes it easy to make stainless steel screen plates, composite screens, and high tension screens. No deformation, running yarn and other phenomena. Traditional pull-net equipment is unparalleled.6. The operation belongs to the "fool" type, which is also the core focus of the machine design. Any staff member within 1 hour7. Proficiency in the operation method and skill of the machine. Get rid of the trouble of finding professionals.8. If the professional plate-making dealer is equipped with this equipment, it is suitable for any mesh cloth with straight screen printing. High efficiency, low energy consumption, high quality and low manpower will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the peers, and it has also raised its popularity.******Other High-end standard more screen-making related equipments.......******If you are interested in CTS,You can find it as below weblink... and packing:Exported shipping grade with wooden box packed, palletN/G W: 1600KGS/1700KGSWooden case dimension: 2550*5550*1050MMAfter sale service:*Machine warranty period: 12 months. *Spare parts and components would be provided on free in warranty period.*Technical supporting for whole lifetime.About us:Established in 2014, Being a professional manufacturer and supplier of screen-printing related machinery and equipment, We promise to deliver valued and excellence equipment to our customers.So far, our products had been widely applied to PCB industry, touch screen manufacturing, electronic optoelectronics industry, new energy battery industry, optical glass and printing industry.Most certainly, we have always made our customers as our first priority, with good faith cooperation and product diversification, we are keen to being as one stop supplier for helping customer solve real problems in producing, reduction of purchase cost and improving mutual efficiency. Nevertheless we understand the value of high quality and high effect producing, and strive hard to maintain high standards in the field of screen printing equipment.Further, we can customize special machine and supply solution to clients base on their every particular requirement or project drawing for satisfying manufacturing needs.Machinery equipment: Full auto/manual blade grinding machine, vacuum centrifugal planetary dearation mixing machine, ink shaking machine, ink rolling machine, , film drill machine, screen plate exposure machine, accuracy plate burning machine, accuracy manual screen desk, Stretching machine, UV machine, film lamination machine, vertical/horizontal screen plate dryer, screen plate cleaner, damp proof film storage, electronic damp proof cabinet, constant temperature & humidity dry film storage, constant temperature&humidity case ect.Dust free workshop dedicated products contained: Screen plate detecting desk/film alignment machine, purify work shelter, cleaning transfer window, air shower room, no dust working cloth/shoes cabinet, purify working desk, film cabinet, film alignment station, imposition station, stainless steel drawer.
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